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HeavenVR is a VR mod for Neon White, with full motion control support.

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  • 6DOF stereo VR camera.
  • Motion controls.
  • Smooth and snap turning.
  • Handedness options.
  • Adds weapon models (the base game didn't have them).
  • Optionally shows an animated player body (mostly useful for recording with LIV).
  • Options for fine-tuning the VR controls.
  • Upload scores to VR-specific leaderboards.

How to Install

Get HeavenVR on itch.io. I recommend using the itch.io app to install the mod, so that you can get automatic mod updates.

Run RaiManager.exe (or click Open in the itch.io app) and follow the instructions in the installer.

Make sure you have the correct OpenXR runtime selected (Oculus, SteamVR, or WMR). If you're using a Quest and connect it to the PC using official wired Link or wireless AirLink, you need to set Oculus as your OpenXR runtime. If you're using a Quest with Virtual Desktop, you need SteamVR as your OpenXR runtime. Go to the settings for SteamVR / Oculus to find where to make them your default OpenXR runtime.


  • A legitimate and up to date version of Neon White (get it on Steam).
  • A PC ready for PCVR.
  • An OpenXR-compatible VR headset. Examples:
    • Quest/Quest 2 connected to a PC via Link Cable, Air Link, Virtual Desktop, ALVR, etc
    • Rift/Rift S
    • Valve Index
    • Any VIVE
    • Any Windows Mixed Reality device (probably?)
  • VR controllers. This isn't playable with a normal game controller, motion controls are required.

How to Uninstall

Start the installer again (by starting RaiManager.exe or clicking Open in the itch.io app), and click the uninstall button. You won't lose any game files, and it won't affect your progress.


If you find bugs or are otherwise facing problems with the mod, please open an issue.

Find me on the Flatscreen to VR Discord. Go to the #rai-join channel.

Source Code


Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsFPS, fps-platformer, Speedrun, Virtual Reality (VR)


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heaven-vr-win.zip 43 MB
Version 22

Development log


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This mod works perfectly on Quest 3 + Virtual Desktop, thanks for creating it!

Hello, this mod looks amazing, however its status has been in work for a year, with no update, has it been abandoned? Anything new soon? Thank you very much, well done and have a good day!

No answer ? :(


First mod that I've bought with money. Well worth it.


Lots of fun and very easy to install. Great way to add some replayability to an already awesome game. Thanks!


I would love the option to increase the resolution above 1080p. Is there a possibility to add this in the future?

Not sure what you mean. The resolution when using the VR mod is defined by your headset’s settings, not by the game.


This is one of the most seamless implementations of VR in a non-VR game that I've ever played, wow!!


I have Quest 2 with virtual desktop. Install mod and black screen. What´s the problem?

Some people say you might need to run the game once on flat mode. I need to look into this problem. Also, make sure you have SteamVR selected as your default OpenXR runtime if you’re using Virtual Desktop.


I try


Prove it and work

Play game in flatmode for first and after aplly vr mod




do you think to get support to vr mod to standalone headsets?? Thanks

(2 edits) (-1)


Your mod somehow does not work for me. I installed it with RaiManager with a fresh installation (Steam original) of Neon White. It launches into a black void in VR and then nothing happens anymore. I´m using Oculus Quest 2 over Airlink.

Here is the log file: http://www.midnightmaster.de/LogOutput.log


Mod dont support standalone headsets. 

it does when its not being used as a stand alone device. look at requirements again. the quest is listed with wired or wireless connection. he says hes using airlink which would be a quest 2 connected to a pc wirelessly so not stand alone.

had issues lately with a couple games like that. i had to change my XRruntime 

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Some people say you might need to run the game once on flat mode. I need to look into this problem. Also, make sure you have Oculus selected as your OpenXR runtime if you’re using Airlink.

Yes, you are right, I had to start the game once without mod in flatscreen mode, now it runs wonderfully. You should still include that in the description!

Nice mod, good work. Congratulations!

You’re right, I’ll include that in the description for now until it’s fixed.