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ShipbreakerVr is a basic VR mod for Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

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This is a simple mod that enables a VR camera via a key binding. The UI and aiming direction are detatched from the camera for a more comfortable experience. There are no motion controls. You will need to take your headset off at times and toggle VR on and off to be able to get through some parts of the game. Some other parts might not work even when you toggle VR off. Some people have played larged portions of the game like this, but some features are still a bit broken.

How to Install

Get ShipbreakerVR on itch.io. I recommend using the itch.io app to install the mod. This way you can get automatic updates.

Run RaiManager.exe (or click Open in the itch.io app) and follow the instructions in the installer.

How to play

  • Start the game as usual.
  • Wait until you're fully in game, floating in space.
  • Press F3 to turn on VR. If you get to a part of the game where VR isn't working (like if you need to interact with the UI), press F3 again to disable VR, and play that part with mouse & keyboard.


There are two extra key bindings for lowering quality to get better performance:

  • Press F5 to enable ultra low quality mode. This is lower than what the game normally allows you to pick.
  • Press F6 to disable all lights in the current scene. Looks sad but can give you a performance boost.

Source Code

Source code available on GitHub

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TagsPhysics, Space, Space Sim


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Hello there, this is amazing work, thank you!

I have a weird glitch, when I hit F3, my head is rotated 90 degrees. There doesn't seem to be a way to reset the view, when I do it via Steam VR it doesn't make any difference. I'm using an Oculus Quest 2, USB cable, SteamVR (if that's needed?).  A 'reset view' button would sort it out I'm sure, but if there's a sequence of things I need to do to ensure the game starts correctly aligned, that would be great.

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This is phenomenal work you've done here. You've implemented a lot of what needed to ship with the game, really.

The removal of the helmet visuals is a bit disappointing, but I recognise the difficulties/downsides that would come with keeping it.

I'm unsure if this is something I can fix on my end, but the VRification of the HUD seems to have offset the crosshairs in each eye in such a way that I can't aim the tools properly, whether by looking through one OR both eyes. It's an unfortunate effect that's keeping me from using this mod full-time, so let me know if there's anything you or I can do to fix it :)

On a less important note, the size of the players hands and tools seem a little large.

Love your work! <3


I noticed this; I found that if you sort of center the item between both of those dots then you'll typically hit it without too much trouble. It's tough with the tiny things like lights, but this works in a pinch.

I'm really hoping this mod gets a bit more cleaned up such that I don't have to take the headset on and off.

Info   : Unity Log] [Default] [Exception]: Exception: Cannot initialize OpenVR Loader

[Error  : Unity Log] Exception: Cannot initialize OpenVR Loader

Stack trace:

ShipbreakerVr.ModXrManager.SetUpXr () (at C:/Users/rai/Repos/vr-mods/shipbreaker-vr/ShipbreakerVr/ModXrManager.cs:60)

ShipbreakerVr.ModXrManager.Update () (at C:/Users/rai/Repos/vr-mods/shipbreaker-vr/ShipbreakerVr/ModXrManager.cs:19)

UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

Carbon.Core.Unity.UnityLogHooks:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

Which store did you get the game from? Can you send me the full log file? There’s a logs button in Rai Manager.

There’s a good chance this is because you don’t have your your OpenXR loader set correctly. You need to go into the SteamVR / Oculus / WMR settings and set them as your OpenXR runtime. Note that if you want to use a Quest with Virtual Desktop, you need SteamVR as your OpenXR runtime. But if you want to use Quest with official Link or Air Link, you need Oculus as your OpenXR Runtime.