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BaboonVR is a VR mod for Trombone Champ, with motion controls support.

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Note:  This is an early, work in progress version of the mod. The "Baboon" and cards screen are currently unavailable in VR. They will be added in a future update. Currently all you can do is play songs from the list or play in free mode. Game-breaking bugs are expected.

Early access

During development, my mods are available only for people who support me, either via Patreon, or directly on Itch.io. Once I decide the project is complete (or I just don't wanna improve it any further), the mod becomes free and open source. If you're a subscriber on my Patreon, get access to the mod here.


  • A legitimate and up to date version of Trombone Champ (get it on Steam).
  • A PC ready for PCVR.
  • An OpenVR-compatible VR headset. Examples:
    • Quest/Quest 2 connected to a PC via Link Cable, Air Link, Virtual Desktop, ALVR, etc
    • Rift/Rift S
    • Valve Index
    • Any VIVE
    • Any Windows Mixed Reality device (probably?)
  • VR controllers. This isn't playable with game controllers or mouse/keyboard.

How to Install

Get BaboonVR on itch.io. I recommend using the itch.io app to install the mod, so that you can get automatic mod updates.

Run RaiManager.exe (or click Open in the itch.io app) and follow the instructions in the installer.

How to play

This version is still quite simple. Pitch is calculated by the distance from one controller to the other. So you don't actually need to put the mouth piece in your mouth yet, but it definitely feels cooler if you do.


Mod settings are changed in your flat screen for now. Make sure you focus the game window, and press F1 to show the settings menu in the flat screen. Sorry that the settings are a bit confusing, you'll have to tinker with them a bit in order to find the best trombone offsets for you.

Compatibility with other mods / custom songs

I haven't tested this for compatibility with any other mods. BaboonVR comes with its own copy of BepInEx, the mod loader used for mods in Trombone Champ. If you want to use BaboonVR together with other mods, you'll have to find the BaboonVR mod files first, You can find it by clicking the folder icon in Rai Manager, next to the "BaboonVR Installer" title. Then, you have two options:

  • Copy your other mods to the BaboonVR BepInEx folder.
  • Copy the BaboonVR mod files to your other BepInEx folder, where you have your other mods / custom songs. 

This process wil improve in the future, after the Trombone Champ modding scene matures a bit.

How to Uninstall

Start the installer again (by starting RaiManager.exe or clicking Open in the itch.io app), and click the uninstall button. You won't lose any game files, and it won't affect your progress.

Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
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TagsFunny, Meme, Music


Get this VR mod and 2 more for $8.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this VR mod you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

baboon-vr-win.zip 22 MB
Version 9

Development log


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I can't seem to get past the save select screen. I've pushed every button on my controller but nothing seems to work (I'm using a Vive Cosmos).  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks for letting me know. There’s a good chance a recent Trombone Champ update broke this mod, so I’m gonna have a look and see if it works asap.

Yeah I just grabbed the mod and it appears to be broken right now

I just tried it and everything seems to work fine? Can you send me your logs? There’s a logs button in Rai Manager, it’s the notepad icon on the top right.

I just tried it and everything seems to work fine? Can you send me your logs? There’s a logs button in Rai Manager, it’s the notepad icon on the top right.

I'm struggling to work out which files to copy across to get baboon VR working with custom sheets "TrombLoader" plugin in BepInEx. I had custom sheets working and then installed BaboonVR and they stopped working. I then reinstalled BepInEx and Baboon VR stopped working. Any hints? Thanks

Did you already follow the “compatibility with other mods / custom songs” section of the readme?

I noticed that the game's interface seems much more zoomed out/high resolution when playing with this VR mod compared to playing un-modded.

Is there an option to change that at all? It makes it kind of hard to read the results screen at the end of a song.


VR Mod:

Not right now. This is an artifact of how I’m projecting the UI, it causes some screens to be bigger, some to be smaller, some to just be all broken. Hopefully I’ll fix this in a future update.